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Why a Smart Home Is a Smart Move in this Busy Modern Age

By July 26, 2019 April 6th, 2021 No Comments

I’ve got news for you: Life isn’t going to get any easier. You’d think with all the technology we have today that our lives would be slowing down, not speeding up. But the opposite seems to be true, as if the more tech we have, the more is demanded of us. From our jobs to our families to what I call the “admin” of daily life, it’s just a lot to keep up with. So wherever we can cut some corners and streamline our lives, we probably should!

A smart home can be a smart move for someone with a too-busy life who wants to get back a little time. Here are just a few ways a smart home can help.

Cut costs and go green
With a home security system that’s also a home automation system, a homeowner can reduce utility bills and sometimes home insurance rates. There’s smart home technology that “knows” the most efficient time to operate your home appliances for lower energy costs, and your smart home can turn lights on or off at the right times as well as control the temperature in your house based on when you’re home or on your way home. All of that lowers your energy bills and helps you go green as a consumer. As for the home insurance rates, protecting your home with home security lowers the insurance company’s risks, and many are willing to reward you for that.

Improve efficiencies
Do you sometimes feel like you’re juggling too many balls in the air—and you don’t even really know how to juggle? Welcome to adulting. And with all that’s asked of us in this modern age, who wouldn’t like to be more efficient! A smart home can help. You can take better care of your pets when you’re gone by automating the thermostat and using remote video to keep an eye on them. You can keep tabs on the kids when they get home first. You can make sure doors and windows are locked from afar. And you can reduce some of your task saturation when you hand over some of those tasks to your smart home.

Beef up security and safety
A smart home is also a smart move when you use it to protect your family and your property. The right home automation system will give you security as well as remote access so you can lock or unlock, arm or disarm from anywhere. Plus you’re able to monitor video and even see who’s at the front door—while you’re sitting at your desk at work or behind the wheel of car during your commute. Then there’s the lighting you can automate to turn on or off to make it look like someone’s home. A smart home can also mean smart lighting so sidewalks and entryways are lit up when you’re getting home, reducing the chances of a trip in the dark.

As technology gets smarter, our homes should as well. And then maybe that can free up some brain space for us humans, so we can take a breath and learn how to juggle everything modern life is throwing at us.

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